Kung Fu Panda 4
adventure, animation, comedy, family, martial arts, general public
By Mike Mitchell (V), Stéphanie Stine released in cinemas on 27 March 2024 running time 1h 34min By Jonathan Aibel, Glenn Berger
With Manu Payet, Jack Black, Awkwafina
After three adventures in which dragon warrior Po fought the most fearsome masters of evil thanks to his unrivalled courage and martial arts skills, fate is about to knock on his door again to ... invite him to finally rest. More precisely, to be appointed spiritual leader of the Valley of Peace. This poses a few obvious problems. Firstly, Po is as good at spiritual leadership as he is at regimes, and secondly, he needs to quickly find and train a new dragon warrior before he can enjoy the benefits of his prestigious promotion. Worse still, there is talk of the recent appearance of a witch as evil as she is powerful, Chameleone, a tiny lizard who can metamorphose into any creature, regardless of size. Now Chameleone has her greedy, beady eyes on Po's Staff of Wisdom, with which she hopes to summon back from the spirit realm all the evil masters our dragon warrior has defeated. Po is going to have to find help. He'll get it (or won't he?) from Zhen, a Corsican fox, a thief as cunning as she is quick-witted, who has the gift of irritating Po but whose skills will prove invaluable. In order to protect the Valley of Peace from the reptilian clutches of Chameleone, this strange duo will have to find common ground. Po will discover that heroes are not always where you expect them to be.
OuverturesOn 21/04/2024 at 2.30pm.
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