Bresse farms, mills, tilery

Rural habitat is a determining characteristic in the composition of the Bresse landscape.
The Bresse farm, or ferme bressane, is composed of a long building with brick walls and wooden roof sections whose slant indicates their construction period. 
The eaves overhang significantly and are referred to as the "sevron". They protect the walls and house the ears of corn. The hip roof makes it possible to differentiate between northern and southern habitats: in Burgundian Bresse in the north, it has more of a slope and is covered with flat tiles. In the portion of Bresse located in Ain to the south, it is flatter and covered with "Roman" tiles.
There are still a few beautiful manors with exterior porches in existence. 

Thanks to its myriad rivers and streams, Bresse Bourguignonne boasts a large number of water mills.