Cream and butter of Bresse AOC

The Cream and butter of Bresse obtained an AOC in 2012. The area of AOC extends over 191 towns and villages of Ain, Jura and Saône et Loire.
Crème et Beurre de Bresse - Syndicat de promotion crème et beurre de Bresse
The humidity of the “bocages” in Bresse offers rich pastures to the cows.
The feeding of the herds based on a balance between the grass and the corn allows to obtain a high-fat milk and a beautiful aromatic richness.
The dairies of Bresse are human-size workshops. The know-how is based on artisanal practices.
The cream of Bresse
The cream of Bresse is semi-thick to thick. Its richness and its taste reveal the flavors of the country of Bresse. It is perfect for cooking.
The butter of Bresse
The butter of Bresse has a soft and airy texture. It is tender in mouth and perfect for the cooking. The flora of meadows gives it a yellow color in spring and in fall. In winter it is a little more clear.