Nuit Européenne des musées

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For the curious, nature lovers and budding astronomers!
Can you calculate the age of a tree? Did you know that some migratory birds renew their plumage in preparation for their migration or that the temperature of the centre of the sun is 15 million degrees?
No? Then come and visit the museographic space of the EDEN centre, discover the cabinet of curiosities and the temporary exhibition: Parasites, but not only! Relations between species (exhibition adapted to children)
Handle, play, trigger animations, observe... Let's go for an immersion in the heart of natural environments!
Spend a pleasant moment in the park of the EDEN centre and visit its latest additions, including the temporary exhibition "Biodiversity, all linked".

Mini planetarium sessions from 6pm to 10.40pm (lasting about 20 minutes)

Temporary exhibition "Parasites but not only...the relationships between species
Living beings maintain relationships with each other. These interactions can be neutral, beneficial or harmful. They can be lasting, obligatory or optional, opportunistic or accidental, with all possible intermediate situations making individuals more or less dependent on each other.
These relationships are not limited, as one might think, to predation, with the stronger devouring the weaker. On the contrary, species may need each other for shelter, protection, movement or reproduction.
This is why we speak of parasitism, symbiosis or commensalism, depending on whether these relationships benefit one species over another or whether the benefits are more or less shared.
Using examples from the animal and plant worlds, the exhibition reveals the secrets of relationships between species and the complex mechanisms that govern them.
Ouvertures14/05/2022 from 6pm to 11pm
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Nuit Européenne des musées
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Nuit Européenne des musées
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