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ENDIVE: Cichorium intibus, common name for Brussels chicory. In a dark cellar, roots are covered with manure, after 25 days, white leaves appear. I had been living for months in the shit of my room declared a Seveso zone; I had become a beautiful endive of 1m80...

The paradox of the endive is that uncertain moment when the teenager, with his feet planted in the mess of his life, tries to grow leaves.
To make a fable of one's life is not simply to tell about oneself, it is to turn one's memories into an ironic thought, it is to move from the anecdotal to the universal, it is to reveal a joking wisdom of the youthful bedlam. Alexis Louis Lucas transposes his childhood memories into a fable of transmission. From the turbulence of insolence, a small thing is born, as precious as it is pale, humility. The child of L'Utopie des Arbres projected his ambition at the foot of the big fir tree at the bottom of the garden, the teenager experiments with it at the feet of men and the city and to set out to conquer the world, he chooses... the drums!

Alexis LOUIS-LUCAS, writing, music and acting
Pierre YANELLI, direction
Aurélien CHEVALLIER, stage manager
Agnès BILLARD, production/distribution manager
Tiziana MELIS, administration

The company is supported by the cities of Quetigny and Dijon, the Burgundy Franche Comté region, the department of the Côte d'Or, the DRAC Burgundy Franche Comté, as well as by the Affluences network.
This show has received the support of the TGB in Chatillon/Seine, ARTDAM, La salle Jean Genet - Couches, La scène Faramine - Pierre Perthuis, the cities of Quetigny and Dijon, l'Abreuvoir, le Bistrot de la Scène in Dijon, le Cèdre in Chenôve, le théâtre de Beaune, ARTIS and the Réseau Affluences Bourgogne Franche Comté.

Show programmed as part of the Affluence network.
OuverturesFriday 03/02/2023 at 20:30.
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